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Footy Feeder

Footy Feeder

PriceFrom $39.95

The Aussie Dog Footy Feeder provides exercise and mental stimulation.


Adjustable insert for slow or fast treat release.


Just dial up your preference.


The movement of the ball dispenses food in an erratic manner, stimulating natural instincts to challenge the most intelligent dog!


Fill it up, Select your desired rate of food dispensing, put it down, then watch your dog have fun and enjoy its meal.


The Footy Feeder is for Alone Play as long as the ball can not fit into your dogs mouth.

  • Warnings

    Please do not use other cleaners or chemicals at the same time as this may reduce the effectiveness of PeeGone.

    We recommend doing a colourfast test on a small area before saturating a spot.

  • Sizing

    Available in Two sizes

    Small: Best for dogs under 20kg.

    Large: Best for dogs 20kg and above.

  • Dimensions

    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 32 × 15 × 15 cm
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