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  • Assessment of your dog and needs. Please note: this is only a request ...

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    30 min

Important: making a booking for a meet n greet is free. Due to this, the time you request may not be the time booked for you.

To ensure costs are kept low, we attend meet n greets when in your area. You will receive a text or phone call to discuss this and a confirmation email will be sent, once the booking is confirmed.

If we turn up and no one is home, you may be sent an invoice for the session. Please understand most professionals charge for an assessment and Power pooches would like to keep this service free.

Meet n Greets may be at your home or at an agreed public place.

Please note: Power Pooches services are NOT for every one. We do not use physical aversion methods, halti's or negative cues. We do not believe you must be the pack leader. Our way is centered around positive rewards, education and learning how to read your dog. This will allow a deeper level of communication. Our services require a level of commitment from YOU. Without your time and effort,  you and your dog will not reap the benefits of our services. 

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