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What is a Power Pooches

Dog Walk?

Power Pooches Dog Walking is a helpful service for you to help you manage your dogs exercise needs. 

No matter what type of breed, what size, reactive or not, a Power Pooches Dog Walk suits all dogs.

During some walks we will leave from home, other times we may pick up your pooch and drive to a new place to explore.

We do not hire people just because they "love dogs"

A requirement is that they understand and have experience with difficult to walk dogs. 

Power Pooches Dog Walking is a dog walking service, exclusivley for Power Pooch graduates.

Yes it is a dog walking service, however, we already know your dog and your pooch knows us, so we have a connection.

We take on reactive and anxious dogs, as our team have had specialised training and own reactive dogs.

These are 100% private walks.

During these sessions we always allow and encourage sniffing, exploring, rolling, running, and being a dog!

However, we still teach and enforce good walking etiquette.

When you are time poor, we can come and take your pooch/s out for a daily walk and ensure they get thier exercise needs.


We can set up regular time and day.

Please note there are some requirements in the form of equipment and safety needs to esnure both dogs and walkers are kept safe.

At Power Pooches, we welcome all dogs. All breed types, ages, issues and personality traits.

We will not turn any dog away. What we ask is that you make a commitment to your dog to follow all the advice, training and management tools we give you. 

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