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Want a well mannered dog that is still allowed to be a dog? 

Want to learn how to know what your dog is telling you?

Need some help knowing how to look after your dog?


Learn voice and hand cues with positive reward methods.

Have the whole family join in the sessions.

By being taught basic cues and how to teach them to your dog, you will gain their respect and trust.


There is no need to be the pack leader or stop letting your pooch sleep in your bed. Just because your pooch is part of your family and sometimes spoiled, does not make them entitled or bad! 

Power Pooches Commitment

All new clients to Power Pooches,

must purchase a Starter Training Pack

I believe you must make a commitment to your dog just as Power Pooches is making a commitment to you. There are so many things for your dog to learn and without putting in the work and time, your pooch will not benefit from any training. This is why power pooches does not offer single sessions to new clients.


Dogs, like humans, take time to learn. All dogs have different mental capabilities and while some can train for 30 mins, others it is only 5 (This goes for humans also) So how can you (and your dog) learn enough in 1, 2 or even 5 sessions.

Then there are issues that come up as your dog goes through training. We are then able to add those into the training plan.

Power Pooches Training sessions are is all about educating YOU (the owners) not your dog. Training can be in your home, backyard, shops, public place, at a park or our private off leash park in Pakenham.


Any age dogs are welcomed, along with rescues and those that need extra attention. We have experience with reactive and anxious pooches, puppies and older dogs.


Our training is private and only your dog/s attend. (With the exception of walk n train sessions) Only force free methods are used and we work on building up your relationship with your dog. Treats, toys, games, praise and your dogs wants are the rewards during training sessions.


Training can be for one or two reasons or we can put a plan together that covers most obedience cues.


We video the sessions so you can have something to refer too when you perform your training sessions.*


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At Power Pooches, we welcome all dogs. All breed types, ages, issues and personality traits.

We will not turn any dog away. What we ask is that you make a commitment to your dog to follow all the advice, training and management tools we give you. 

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