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Walk N Train sessions are designed to educate you on the correct exercise needs of your dog. This is dependent on the breed.


Very few dogs want to walk at a slow pace, on the left side, not allowed to sniff, while mum chats on the phone, sips a latte and pays little attention to her pooch.

(If this is what you want me to train your dog to do, please go find a group trainer!)


Walking your dog is a way to ensure your pooch is getting their daily dose of breed related enrichment and exercise. Hunters need to hunt

Chasers need to chase

Retrievers need to retrieve

Get it?

And dogs do not walk in a straight line!


They need to sniff, they must sniff, this is a dogs twitter. Sniffing gives them information, and to reach a scent, a dog needs room to move.


So we teach you how to walk your dog using long leads. How to get your dog to stop, wait, turn, to leave things alone, go in different direction, give way to people, leaving the house calmly, all on a long leash that allows them to still do what dogs do.


Our Walk N Train sessions are held at various venues, including: public spaces, around your neighborhood or in your own backyard. Find venue information here

Power Pooches Walk N Train Session will show you how to get your dog to engage with you when out on a walk. Education is the key to having an enjoyable walk for both your dog and yourself. 

We will go through:

  • Why do you need to take your dog on a walk.

  • What do dogs get out of a walk.

  • Why do they pull.

  • What things are breed specific.

  • What equipment to use.

  • How to get your dogs attention.

  • How to start a walk in a calm state.

  • How to recognise triggers.

  • Reinforce "Leave it".

  • Using long leashes.

These sessions also allow us to learn more about your dogs body language and teach owners how to recognise the difference between excitement and fear. 


Please note: This is NOT a session to teach a dog to walk at heel. We do not teach this. We do not use halti's or any other negative piece of equipment.

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At Power Pooches, we welcome all dogs. All breed types, ages, issues and personality traits.

We will not turn any dog away. What we ask is that you make a commitment to your dog to follow all the advice, training and management tools we give you. 

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