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Environmental Venues

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Environmental sessions are an important part of any dogs training program and should be done in a controlled way.


Dogs that are not given time to learn about our human world, can develop a range of behavioural issues.

Exposing your dog, to our human world, must be done slowly and in a way that you can keep the experience positive. This means you need to have some control, on potential risks and triggers.


Choosing the right places, times, weather, possible triggers, all need to be considered when taking your dog to human places. We take into account all of these things and much more, when booking in Environmental sessions.

Environmental sessions are also used to practice cues learnt through training sessions. We put the cues in practice, while your dog is exposed to distractions like: people, noise, cars, smells, etc

For anxious or nervous dogs, these sessions are perfect to help desensitising them, while showing owners how to manage reactivity and anxiety.

Owners learn how to advocate for their dogs by gaining confidence to say "NO" to wannabe dog patters!

Environmental sessions are held at various public spaces and slowly show dogs that our world is not so scary.

With us by your side, your dog will have a positive experience in the human world and you will create a stronger bond together!

At Power Pooches, we welcome all dogs. All breed types, ages, issues and personality traits.

We will not turn any dog away. What we ask is that you make a commitment to your dog to follow all the advice, training and management tools we give you. 

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