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Pack Walk Rules

  • Only pooches that have completed a minimum of 8 sessions can attend at no cost

  • All dogs must have a harness and collar on

  • We only use long leashes, minimum 3 metres (purchase Blackdog lead here)

  • If reactive, muzzles are to be used (purchase Baskerville muzzles here)

  • Dogs are not allowed to play with other dogs

  • It is your responsibility to watch your dog at all times

  • Keep adequate space between dogs

Watch videos of our pack walks below

Pack Walks are an exclusive free session for clients that have completed a starter training pack.


You must have an understanding on the training and behavioral issues of dogs as taught by Power Pooches.

Every week we run Pack Walks, our graduated pooches join Sasha on exercise sessions and get to explore new places.

While they are getting in their walk, they are also learning how to act around other dogs, learning about space and reading the signs of when a dog is saying "Stay away".

Jake is there to answer questions and guide you but he is first and formeost there ensuring Sasha is enjoying her walk.

Find maps of the venues on our Environmental Sessions page

At Power Pooches, we welcome all dogs. All breed types, ages, issues and personality traits.

We will not turn any dog away. What we ask is that you make a commitment to your dog to follow all the advice, training and management tools we give you. 

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