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Power Pooches Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

We can help with all types of issues:

Puppy training

Anxiety issues

Leash reactivity

Excessive barking

Disruptive behaviour


Panic disorders

Leash pulling

and much more


Power Pooches runs private sessions

Benefits of working with us:




Force-free methods

Videos of sessions

Owner has reactive dog

FREE assessment

Power Pooches is Jake & Sasha, an average guy & my not so average dog, who crossed paths & became family. We both needed some help with anxiety issues, impulse control & reactivity. To get help was not easy or affordable & with so much information out there, it was also confusing. 

So I went on a research crusade & started a Dog care course. This then became Dog trainer & Animal care with Dog psychology. Professional help was also hired & combined & Sasha was on the way to becoming a confident, power pooch.

Training Sasha gave me a purpose. I was able to change my lifestyle, slow down & learn patience, just like Sasha! 


saw the need for something new and innovative in the Dog Training Profession. 

There is a growing concern on the anxiety of owners of dogs like Sasha, along with research, suggesting old styles of training can often make anxiety in dogs worse.

Classes are not a good environment to help anxious dogs. These pooches need individual care, patience and flexibility to learn how to make positive changes.

Within the first few months of operating, I found many owners are unaware of things like:

Mental stimulation,

Hours of sleep,

How noise affects dogs,

Interaction with children,

Breed characteristics,

Local laws and more.

So Power Pooches adopted an EDUCATE model.

Our aim is to teach owners more about dogs and how some simple changes can make life more  positive their dog and themselves.

Power Pooches doesn't train, we teach. 

All dogs are welcome: reactive, anxious,

nervous, adults, older, rescues and pups. 

Please note: Power Pooches services are NOT for every one. We do not use aversion methods, halti's or negative cues. We do not believe you must be the pack leader. Our way is centered around positive rewards, education and learning how to read your dog. This will allow a deeper level of communication. Our services require a level of commitment from YOU. Without your time and effort,  you and your dog will not reap the benefits of our services. 

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