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Coachie Tuggi Hide

Coachie Tuggi Hide



The Coachi Tuggi Hide is great for close-up play & recall training.


The hidden pocket can be filled with rewards to encourage play & it has a strong bungee with a soft neoprene handle, to ensure games are gentle on your dog's neck and your arms.


This interactive toy features an internal pocket which can be filled with different items, to help vary the reward. A plastic bottle (for dogs that love to crunch), treats (to encourage interaction) or a squeaker!


This stimulating toy is a great alternative & or addition to food rewards and perfect for reducing puppy mouthing and biting. Great for dog's who require more motivation to play!


The Coachi reward toys have been designed for you and your dog to have fun together whilst training. They are great for improving recall and discouraging chasing.


Maintain the energy and enthusiasm by only using these toys as part of interactive play. This keeps the toy as a special reward, the same as a food treat.

  • Features

    Great for Interactive Play

    Strong & Comfortable

    Stretchy Bungee Handle

    Reward Training


    Interrupting Biting & Chewing

    Perfect For Agility

    Suitable for Dogs & Puppies.


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