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Pet Corrector

Pet Corrector


Training dogs can be a daunting task but teaching your dog good house manners doesn’t have to be difficult.


The Pet Corrector range is here to help make training at home super simple.


Each product has been designed by Dr Roger and our team of animal behavior experts to ensure they’re easy to use, effective and completely safe.


79% of owners have a dog that misbehaves (even just a little)

Our easy-to-use Pet Corrector products are complemented by the W.A.G. training technique to help you interrupt bad behavior safely and effectively.


A balanced philosophy

At Company of Animals, we believe that training should always be approached from a balanced perspective.


While we are strong promoters of positive training methods, we understand there are times when behavior requires immediate intervention.


Training tools like Pet Corrector offer an effective way to quickly disrupt bad behaviors, allowing owners to then follow up with a positive reward.


From insight to testing

As the leading animal behavior experts, Company of Animals use their extensive experience and continuing research to develop products that support a healthy relationship between dog and owner.


Every product is then fully tested to ensure its effectiveness, ease of use and safety.


From Jake: I do not use punishment methods and stock pet corrector firstly for safety. Due to the amount of unwanted off-leash dog encounters we need a way to effectivley protect our dogs and ourselves. 

I have found pet corrector to be effective without physically hurting the dog. 

It is also uselful in training and for reactive dogs if using the WAG method. 

Never use pet corrector in an aversive way. 

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