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Teeth Cleanser Kangaroo Bone

Teeth Cleanser Kangaroo Bone

PriceFrom $6.95

Roo Bones are like nature’s toothbrush for pets great for biting, chewing helps remove tartar from teeth for better dental health.


A natural source of phosphorus, protein and calcium which are essential to keep your best friend’s bones and teeth strong and healthy.


We never add any preservatives, additives, hormones, or antibiotics to any of our natural treats

  • Ingredients

    100% Kangaroo

  • Features

    Tasty and chewy

    High protein, low fat treat

    Grain free

    Contains no additives, no preservatives and no fillers

    Low odour, high flavour

    Australian made and owned

  • Analysis

    Protein :43%  

    Fat 5%  

    Energy 341

  • Size

    24 - 28 cms

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